"Edited to Add"....

This started as a pregnancy blog when I fell pregnant in May 2009 after four years of finding a donor, doing all the counselling / paperwork / tests and trying.

And now, thanks to a 4WD which skidded onto our side of the road, killing our baby daughter at 34w and injuring me, my partner and two of my stepdaughters on 27 December 2009, it has turned into something else. We didn't want this something else, but apparently it is all we've got to go on with.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


is the kind of thing I need to get me through the pile of marking I have before me:

TODAY by Frank O'Hara

Oh! kangaroos, sequins, chocolate sodas!
You really are beautiful! Pearls,
harmonicas, jujubes, aspirins! all
the stuff they've always talked about

still makes a poem a surprise!
These things are with us every day
even on beachheads and biers. They
do have meaning. They're strong as rocks.


It's better than a bottle of gin in the desk drawer, isn't it?


  1. It is far better than a bottle of gin in the desk drawer. {{{Hugs}}}

  2. Much better! These things must be celebrated indeed. :)

  3. Sweetheart, you're Ovaltine.