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This started as a pregnancy blog when I fell pregnant in May 2009 after four years of finding a donor, doing all the counselling / paperwork / tests and trying.

And now, thanks to a 4WD which skidded onto our side of the road, killing our baby daughter at 34w and injuring me, my partner and two of my stepdaughters on 27 December 2009, it has turned into something else. We didn't want this something else, but apparently it is all we've got to go on with.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thank you

Thank you so so much for all your love and thoughts. I'm so sorry that so many others share this pain, but it feels all the less lonely and scary when your thoughts are with us.

They published my letter on the front page. This article is much more accurate except for shoddy punctuation in the title (Mum's pain should be Mums' pain).



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